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Free for All 1949 DVD - Robert Cummings / Ann Blyth


A young man invents a pill that can turn water into gasoline. While staying in Washington to register his patent, he falls in love with his host's daughter. However, she works for a major oil company and after she lets slip to her employers about the magical new formula, they desperately try to get their hands on it.


Robert Cummings as Christopher Parker
Ann Blyth as Alva Abbott
Percy Kilbride as Henry J. Abbott
Ray Collins as A.B. Blair
Donald Woods as Roger Abernathy
Mikhail Rasumny as Dr. Axel Torgelson
Percy Helton as Joe Hershey
Harry Antrim as Mr. Whiting
Wallis Clark as Mr. Van Alstyne
Frank Ferguson as Hap Ross
Dooley Wilson as Aristotle
Russell Simpson as Farmer
Lester Matthews as Mr. Aberson
Murray Alper as McGuinness
Bill Walker as Herbert
Kenneth Tobey as Pilot
Harris Brown as Colonel
Willard Waterman as Commander H.C. Christie

Runtime: 83 Minutes

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