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Friday the Thirteenth 1933 DVD - Jessie Matthews / Sonnie Hale

It is pouring with rain at one minute to midnight on Friday the thirteenth, and the driver of a London bus is peering through his blurred windscreen as his vehicle sails down an empty road. Suddenly, lightning strikes, and a vast crane above topples into the path of the oncoming bus..Then Big Ben begins to wind backwards. Time recedes. And we discover the lives of all the passengers and the events that brought them to that late-night bus journey, from the con-man with a hundred-pound cheque to the businessman's distraught and elderly wife. Time flows on, inevitably, to the crash and past it, as some live and some die.


Jessie Matthews - Millie
Sonnie Hale - Alf the Conductor
Muriel Aked - Miss Twigg
Cyril Smith - Fred the Driver
Richard Hulton - Johnny
Max Miller - Joe
Alfred Drayton - The Detective
Hartley Power - American tourist
Percy Parsons - American tourist
Ursula Jeans - Eileen Jackson
Eliot Makeham - Henry Jackson
D. A. Clarke-Smith - Max
Gibb McLaughlin - Florist
Edmund Gwenn - Mr Wakefield
Mary Jerrold - Flora Wakefield
Gordon Harker - Hamilton Briggs
Emlyn Williams - William Blake
Frank Lawton - Frank Parsons
Belle Chrystall - Marry Summers
O. B. Clarence - Clerk
Robertson Hare - Ralph Lightfoot
Martita Hunt - Agnes Lightfoot
Leonora Corbett - Dolly
Ralph Richardson - Horace Dawes
Donald Calthrop - Hugh Nicholls
Ivor McLaren - Dancing instructor
Wally Patch - Bookmaker

Runtime: 89 Minutes
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