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Gaslight 1940 DVD - Anton Walbrook / Diana Wynyard

Alice Barlow in found murdered in her apartment. Moreover, the killer ransacks her house in search of valuables. Years later, a couple moves into the house and discovers shocking secrets.


Anton Walbrook as Paul Mallen/Louis Bauer
Diana Wynyard as Bella Mallen
Frank Pettingell as B. G. Rough
Cathleen Cordell as Nancy, the parlour maid
Robert Newton as Vincent Ullswater
Jimmy Hanley as Cobb
Minnie Rayner as Elizabeth, the cook
Marie Wright as Alice Barlow
Aubrey Dexter as House Agent
Mary Hinton as Lady Winterbourne
Angus Morrison as Pianist
Jack Barty as Chairman of Music Hall
The Darmora Ballet
Katie Johnson as Alice Barlow's maid (uncredited)

Runtime: 89 Minutes

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