Gentleman Jim 1942 DVD - Errol Flynn / Alexis Smith

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Because boxing is a considered an illegal and disreputable enterprise in 1880's San Francisco, wealthy and influential members of the prestigious Olympic Club vow to make the sport a "gentlemanly" one. They sponsor a brash, extroverted young bank clerk named Jim Corbett, who quickly becomes an accomplished fighter under the new Marquis of Queensbury Rules. Despite his success, the young Irish-American's social pretensions and boastful manner soon estrange him from his benefactors, who plot to give their conceited former protege a well-deserved comeuppance. Despite this, his dazzlingly innovative footwork helps him to beat a succession of bigger and stronger men, and he finally finds himself fighting for the world's championship against his childhood idol, John L. Sullivan.


Errol Flynn as James J. Corbett. 
Alexis Smith as Victoria Ware
Jack Carson as Walter Lowrie
Alan Hale as Pat Corbett
John Loder as Carlton De Witt
William Frawley as Bill Delaney
Minor Watson as Buck Ware
Ward Bond as John L. Sullivan
Madeleine LeBeau as Anna Held
Rhys Williams as Harry Watson
Arthur Shields as Father Burke
Hal Craig character actor

Runtime: 104 Minutes

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