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Give Us the Moon 1944 DVD - Margaret Lockwood / Vic Oliver

Set just after the end of WWII (but filmed in the middle of it) in a time of general euphoria at having won the war, with full employment and general happiness for all (or nearly all). Peter, the young wastrel son of a hard working hotel owner doesn't like the idea of having to work for a living. He discovers a society of "White Elephants" who are quite willing to be poor as long as they don't have to work. They are protected and guided by Nina (Margaret Lockwood) and her precocious sister Heidi (Jean Simmons.


Margaret Lockwood as Nina
Vic Oliver as Sascha
Roland Culver as Ferdinand
Peter Graves as Peter
Frank Cellier as Pyke
Eliot Makeham as Lunka
George Relph as Otto
Max Bacon as Jacobus
Alan Keith as Raphael
Jean Simmons as Heidi
Iris Lang as Tania
Gibb McLaughlin as Marcel

Runtime: 95 Minutes

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