Going Places 1938 DVD - Dick Powell / Anita Louise

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Mr. Mason is a salesman at Detridge & Frome who wants to advertise their line of riding clothes. Since they have the rights to famous jockey Peter Randall, who is in Australia, Peter will impersonate him at the Steeple Chase. At the event, he is invited to a party by Cora and sees young Ellen. Since all Ellen and Peter have in common is horses, he continues the charade to woo her. But two gamblers named Maxie and Duke, try to make money on the race by fixing him up with the wild 'Jeepers Creepers'. That horse can jump high and run like the wind, but he will only calm down enough to be ridden when Gabriel plays his trumpet.


Dick Powell as Peter Mason
Anita Louise as Ellen Parker
Allen Jenkins as "Droopy"
Ronald Reagan as Jack Withering
Walter Catlett as Franklin Dexter
Harold Huber as Maxie Miller
Larry Williams as Frank Kendall
Thurston Hall as Col. Harvey Withering
Minna Gombell as Cora Withering
Joyce Compton as The Colonel's Mistress
Robert Warwick as Walter Frome
John Ridgely as Desk Clerk
Joe Cunningham as Hotel Night Clerk
Eddie Anderson as George
George Reed as Withering's Butler
Louis Armstrong as Gabriel the Trainer
Maxine Sullivan as Specialty Singer
unbilled players include Ward Bond and Dorothy Dandridge

Runtime: 84 Minutes

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