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Great Day 1945 DVD - Eric Portman / Flora Robson

In the English village of Denley, the Women's Institute (a wartime program channeling village products to the troops) is electrified to hear that they'll be visited by Eleanor Roosevelt. As the women struggle to get ready while bursting with the great secret, we glimpse their home lives in subplots, notably the problematic love life of young Margaret Ellis and the travails of her proud but impoverished father. How will their lives change before the Great Day?.


Eric Portman - Captain John Ellis
Flora Robson - Mrs Liz Ellis
Sheila Sim - Margaret Ellis
Isabel Jeans - Lady Mott
Walter Fitzgerald - Bob Tyndale
Philip Friend - Geoffrey Winthrop
Marjorie Rhodes - Nora Mumford
Maire O'Neill - Bridget Walsh
John Laurie - Scottish officer
Kathleen Harrison - Pub customer
Leslie Dwyer - Pub customer
Margaret Withers - Jane Tyndale
Beatrice Varley - Miss Tracy
Irene Handl - Tea stall lady
Patricia Hayes - Mrs Beadle

Runtime: 62 Minutes

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