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Gun Crazy 1950 DVD - Peggy Cummins / John Dall


When gun-obsessed pacifist Bart Tare (John Dall) witnesses expert shooter Annie Laurie Starr (Peggy Cummins) demonstrate her firearm prowess at a carnival one night, it's love at first sight. Aimless Bart joins the traveling show and begins a romance with Annie, but her dangerously rebellious spirit soon gets them both fired. After eloping, the young lovers embark on an armed robbery spree, managing to elude the authorities until Annie insists on pulling one last job.


Peggy Cummins as Annie Laurie Starr
John Dall as Barton "Bart" Tare
Berry Kroeger as Packett
Morris Carnovsky as Judge Willoughby
Anabel Shaw as Ruby Tare Flagler
Harry Lewis as Deputy Clyde Boston
Nedrick Young as Dave Allister
Trevor Bardette as Sheriff Boston, who apprehends the teenage Bart
Mickey Little as Bart Tare at age 7
Rusty Tamblyn as Bart Tare at age 14
Paul Frison as Clyde Boston at age 14
David Bair as Dave Allister at age 7
Stanley Prager as Bluey-Bluey
Virginia Farmer as Miss Wynn
Anne O'Neal as Miss Augustine Sifert (office manager shot dead by Laurie)
Frances Irvin as Danceland singer
Robert Osterloh as Hampton Policeman
Shimen Ruskin as Cab Driver
Harry Hayden as Mr. Mallenberg, the plant manager

Runtime: 87 Minutes

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