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Guns at Batasi 1964 DVD - Richard Attenborough / Jack Hawkins

The East African nation of Batasi is tearing apart at the seams, and a group of British soldiers are caught in the middle. As fighting breaks out between two rival factions in the former British colony, by-the-books Regimental Sgt. Maj. Lauderdale (Richard Attenborough) attempts to preserve peace and order. But his rigid style of command becomes increasingly ill-suited to a volatile political situation in which the stability of the old era has been replaced by violent conflict.


Richard Attenborough as Regimental Sergeant Major Lauderdale.
Jack Hawkins as Colonel Deal
Flora Robson as Miss Barker-Wise MP
John Leyton as Private Wilkes
Mia Farrow as Karen Eriksson, United Nations secretary
Cecil Parker as Fletcher
Errol John as Lieutenant Boniface
Graham Stark as Sergeant 'Dodger' Brown
Earl Cameron as Captain Abraham
Percy Herbert as Colour Sergeant Ben Parkin
David Lodge as Sergeant 'Muscles' Dunn
John Meillon as Sergeant 'Aussie' Drake
Bernard Horsfall as Sergeant 'Schoolie' Prideaux
Patrick Holt as Captain
Alan Browning as Adjutant
Richard Bidlake as Lieutenant
Horace James as Corporal Abou
Joseph Layode as Archibong Shaw
Ric Hutton as Russell

Runtime: 103 Minutes

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