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Gunsight Ridge 1957 DVD - Joel McCrea / Mark Stevens

The latest of a series of stagecoach holdups in the Arizona Territory takes place on a stagecoach in which Mike Ryan, undercover agent for the stage line, and Molly Jones, daughter of the local sheriff, are passengers. The bandana masking one of the robbers slips and he is killed by the gang-leader Velvet Clark. The latter masquerades as a respectable piano-playing citizen of the community. The townspeople are aroused enough over the continued robberies that they ask Sheriff Tom Jones to resign but they agree to give him more time when he takes on Ryan as a deputy. Circumstantial evidence leads the sheriff to Clark, but the latter kills him and escapes. Ryan tracks him to Gunsight Ridge where there is a showdown gunfight.


Joel McCrea as Mike Ryan
Mark Stevens as Velvet Clark
Joan Weldon as Molly Jones
Addison Richards as Sheriff Tom Jones
Darlene Fields as Rosa
Carolyn Craig as Farm Girl
Robert Griffin as Herb Babcock
I. Stanford Jolley as Billy Daggett
George Chandler as Gus Withers
Slim Pickens as Hank Moss
Herb Vigran as R.B. Davis
Kitty Kelly as Mrs. Donahue
Jody McCrea as Groom
Cynthia Chenault as Bride
L. Q. Jones as Lazy Heart Ranchhand
Morgan Woodward as Tex
Jim Foxx as Lazy Heart Ranchhand
Steve Mitchell as Lazy Heart Ranchhand

Runtime: 85 Minutes

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