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Hard Steel 1942 DVD - Wilfrid Lawson / Betty Stockfeld

A friendly steel worker changes after a promotion to foreman. He mercilessly pushes his workers to work faster until one of them is killed in an accident. After the other workers revolt, he turns to a preacher to help him see where he went wrong.


Wilfrid Lawson as Walter Haddon
Betty Stockfeld as Freda Haddon
John Stuart as Alan Saunders
George Carney as Bert Mortimer
Joan Kemp-Welch as Janet Mortimer
James Harcourt as Jim Calver
Frank Atkinson as Dick Sefton
Arthur Hambling as Mr. Lamport
John Turnbull as Mr. Rowlandson
Hay Petrie as Mr. Kissack
Mignon O'Doherty as Mrs. Kissack
Philip Godfrey as Forester
Cameron Hall as Flavell
Charles Rolfe as Richards
Kenneth Griffith as Dixon
Harry Riley as Phillips
H Victor Weske as Bateman
Charles Groves as Old Sam
Clifton Boyne as Carter
D.J. Williams as Jimpson
Leonard Sharp as Baker
Roberta Read as Bertha
Roddy Hughes as Coroner
Arthur Seaton as Newcombe
Dane Gordon as Willis
David Trickett as Tommy Mortimer
Angela Glynne as Bunty Phillips

Runtime: 86 Minutes

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