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Harry Black and the Tiger 1958 DVD - Stewart Granger / Barbara Rush


During a hunt for a ferocious tiger terrorizing an Indian village,ex-army Major Harry Black comes across his former wife Chris and her new husband, Desmond Tanner, who met Black in a German POW camp in WW2.


Stewart Granger as Harry Black
Barbara Rush as Christian Tanner
Anthony Steel as Desmond Tanner
I. S. Johar as Bapu
Martin Stephens as Michael Tanner
Frank Olegario as Dr. Chowdhury
Kamala Devi as Nurse Somola
John Helier as German Sergeant
Tom Bowman as British Officer
Allan McClelland as British Officer
Harold Siddons as British Officer
Norman Johns as British Officer
Gladys Boot as Mrs. Tanner
George Curzon as Mr. Philip Tanner
Archie Duncan as Woolsey
John Rae as Fisherman
Jan Conrad as Tower guard
Michael Seavers as Frenchman
André Maranne as Frenchman

Runtime: 110 Minutes

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