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Haunted Honeymoon / Busman's Honeymoon 1940 DVD - Robert Montgomery / Constance Cummings


Lord Peter, an amateur detective, marries a mystery novelist, Harriet Vane. The newlyweds set out for a honeymoon to Harriet's old family cottage. They end up investigating a murder case.


Robert Montgomery as Lord Peter Wimsey
Constance Cummings as Harriet Vane
Sir Seymour Hicks as Mervyn Bunter
Leslie Banks as Inspector Andrew Kirk
Robert Newton as Frank Crutchley
Googie Withers as Polly
Frank Pettingell as William George Puffett, The Sweep
Joan Kemp-Welch as Aggie Twitterton
Aubrey Mallalieu as Reverend Simon Goodacre
James Carney as Constable Tom Sellon
Roy Emerton as Noakes
Louise Hampton as Mrs. Doris Ruddle
Eliot Makeham as Simpson
Reginald Purdell as MacBride
Allan Whittaker as The Doctor
Ben Williams as Town Inspector

Runtime: 99 Minutes

Please note the U.S Title is Haunted Honeymoon and the UK Title is Busman's Honeymoon

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