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He Married His Wife 1940 DVD - Joel McCrea / Nancy Kelly

T.H."Randy" Randall and Valerie Randall are divorced but friendly, but not to the extent she doesn't have him jailed for non-payment of alimony. His attorney, Bill Carter, suggests that the only way out of his financial strain is for him to get Valerie married off to someone else. Dizzy matron Ethel thinks that is a good idea and arranges a week-end party at which Valerie is to be paired off with likely-prospect Paul Hunter. Plans are disrupted when free-loading Freddie crashes the party and makes a heavy move on Valerie, and she likes it, mostly because Randy doesn't. Carter can't see any problem - a husband is a husband - but Randy is so certain that Freddie is bad news that he decides to win her back and remarry her himself, since he has also decided that he still loves her.


Joel McCrea as Randy Randall
Nancy Kelly as Valerie Randall
Roland Young as Bill Carter
Mary Boland as Ethel Hilary
Cesar Romero as Freddie
Mary Healy as Doris
Lyle Talbot as Paul Hunter
Elisha Cook, Jr. as Dickie Brown
Barnett Parker as Huggins
Harry Hayden as Prisoner
Charles C. Wilson as Warden (billed as Charles WIlson)
Charles D. Brown as Detective
Spencer Charters as Mayor
Leyland Hodgson as Waiter
William Edmunds as Waiter

Runtime: 83 Minutes

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