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He Ran All the Way 1951 DVD - John Garfield / Shelley Winters


Petty thief Nick Robey botches a robbery, leaving his partner Al severely wounded as Nick escapes with over $10,000. He meets bakery worker Peg Dobbs, and when Peg takes Nick to her family's apartment, he takes the family hostage until he can escape.

As a manhunt for Nick begins outside, he becomes increasingly paranoid. Peg's initial attraction to Nick is replaced by fear. Her mother and father plead with Nick to leave, to no avail. Nick permits Mr. Dobbs to leave for work, warning him of the consequences should the police be contacted.

Still confident that Peg will run away with him, Nick gives her $1,500 to buy a new car. He refuses to believe her when Peg returns and insists that the car will be delivered to the front door because the headlights needed repair. Nick violently pushes her down the stairs toward the exit, terrifying her. Mr. Dobbs, who had been waiting outside, shoots at Nick. When Nick's gun drops beyond his reach and he orders Peg to hand it to him, she shoots him instead. A mortally wounded Nick crawls outside to the curb just as his new car arrives.


John Garfield as Nick Robey
Shelley Winters as Peg Dobbs
Wallace Ford as Mr. Dobbs
Selena Royle as Mrs. Dobbs
Gladys George as Mrs. Robey
Norman Lloyd as Al Molin
Bobby Hyatt as Tommy Dobbs
Keith Hetherington as Captain of Detectives

Runtime: 78 Minutes

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