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Hell's Island 1955 DVD - John Payne / Mary Murphy

After being dumped by his fiancée, hard-drinking and depressed Mike Cormack (Payne) loses his job in the Los Angeles district attorney's office and serves as bouncer in a Las Vegas casino.

A wheelchair-bound stranger, Barzland (Francis L. Sullivan), hires him to locate a ruby that disappeared in a Caribbean plane crash. He lures Cormack into doing the job by telling him it may be in the possession of the very woman who jilted him, Janet Martin (Murphy), who is now married to the pilot of the downed plane.

The ex-detective flies to remote Santo Rosario to find the stone and investigate the mystery. When he finds his old flame, her husband is in prison. Cormack, again falling for Janet, is coaxed into helping him break out of jail.

Her husband shocks Mike by revealing Janet sabotaged his plane, causing its crash, out to collect on his life insurance. Janet also double-crosses Mike, who discovers she has killed a man and has the ruby. Barzland returns but plunges to his death, and Mike watches the police take Janet away to jail.


John Payne as Mike Cormack
Mary Murphy as Janet Martin
Eduardo Noriega as Inspector Peña
Francis L. Sullivan as Barzland
Arnold Moss as Paul Armand
Paul Picerni as Eduardo Martin
Walter Reed as Lawrence
Pepe Hern as Lalo (the bellhop)
Robert Cabal as Miguel (the houseboy)
Sándor Szabó as Johann Torbig

Runtime: 84 Minutes

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