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High Flight 1957 DVD - Ray Milland / Bernard Lee


A group of flight cadets arrive at RAF Cranwell to begin a three-year training course to become RAF pilots. Amongst the group is Tony Winchester (Kenneth Haigh) who makes a memorable entrance by landing his civilian Taylorcraft Auster aircraft with his girlfriend (Anne Aubrey) aboard on the RAF runway just ahead of a de Havilland Vampire jet trainer piloted by Wing Commander Rudge (Ray Milland).

During the Second World War, Winchester's father had been Rudge's commanding officer and lost his life protecting Rudge who had disobeyed orders. Winchester is a difficult individual who harbours animosity towards Rudge over his father's wartime death. Another member of the aspiring pilots is the scientific minded Roger Endicott (Anthony Newley) who is also determined to create a working flying saucer. Endicott's flying radio controlled model develops difficulties as it literally crashes a Bishop's (Ian Fleming) tea party.

Winchester doesn't learn the meaning of team work, and nearly loses his life when he disobeys orders, flying into a storm. Rudge demands his resignation but reconsiders, remembering his own rash behaviour had been the cause of the death of Winchester's father. Rudge ultimately selects Winchester to fly in a precision aerial team training for the Farnborough Airshow. When the squadron is temporarily posted to a forward base in West Germany, Winchester flies close to hostile territory near the East German border, and is nearly shot down by anti-aircraft guns firing across the border.

The wounded airman and his stricken aircraft are rescued by Rudge, who brings him back safely to a crash landing at his home base. Finally, Winchester is able to understand his true role in the RAF, and know that he is part of a team effort.


Ray Milland    Wing Commander Granite Rudge
Bernard Lee    Flight Sergeant Harris
Kenneth Haigh    Anthony "Tony" Winchester
Anthony Newley    Cadet Roger Endicott
Kenneth Fortescue    John Fletcher
Sean Kelly    Cadet Day
Helen Cherry    Louise Dawson
Leslie Phillips    Squadron Leader Blake
Duncan Lamont    Weapons Corporal
Kynaston Reeves    Air Minister
John Le Mesurier    Commandant
Jan Brooks    Diana
Frank Atkinson    Parker
Ian Fleming    Bishop
Nancy Nevinson    Bishop's Wife
Grace Arnold    Commandant's Wife
Hal Osmond    Barman
Bernard Horsfall ( film debut )    Radar Operator

Runtime: 89 Minutes

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