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High Wall 1947 DVD - Robert Taylor / Audrey Totter


After a brain-damaged man confesses to murder and is committed, Dr. Ann Lorrison tries to prove his innocence.


Robert Taylor as Steven Kenet
Audrey Totter as Dr. Ann Lorrison
Herbert Marshall as Willard I. Whitcombe
Dorothy Patrick as Helen Kenet
H. B. Warner as Mr. Slocum
Warner Anderson as Dr. George Poward
Moroni Olsen as Dr. Philip Dunlap
John Ridgely as Asst. District Attorney David Wallace
Morris Ankrum as Dr. Stanley Griffin
Elisabeth Risdon as Mrs. Kenet, Steven's mother
Vince Barnett as Henry Cronner
Jonathan Hale as Emory Garrison
Charles Arnt as Sidney X. Hackle, Steven's court-appointed lawyer

Runtime: 100 Minutes

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