His Majesty O'Keefe 1954 DVD - Burt Lancaster / Joan Rice

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In 1870, Yankee sea captain O'Keefe finds himself stranded after a mutiny on the Micronesian island of Yap, where the financial potential of copra (dried cocoanut) excites him. But a German company already has a monopoly...and very low production because hard work is alien to dwellers in paradise. On a later voyage, between affairs with island maidens, O'Keefe struggles to find the key to the wealth of Yap. But before he can carve out the empire of his dreams, he must also contend with assorted villains...


Burt Lancaster as Captain David O'Keefe / Narrator
Joan Rice as Dalabo aki Dali
André Morell as Alfred Tetens
Abraham Sofaer as Fatumak, Medicine Man
Charles Horvath as Bully Hayes
Lloyd Berrell
Grant Taylor
Guy Doleman
Tessa Prendergast as Kakofel
Harvey Adams
Muriel Steinbeck
Philip Ahn as Sien Tang, Dentist and O'Keefe's partner

Runtime: 91 Minutes

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