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Hold That Blonde ! 1945 DVD - Eddie Bracken / Veronica Lake

Ogden Spencer Trulow III is a wealthy kleptomaniac who turned to stealing when he was spurned by a girl. His psychoanalyst advises him to find another girl for a cure. He fastens his interest upon Sally Martin, who happens to be engaged upon helping some crooks steal a valuable necklace. Complications include two scantily attired individuals, one of them drunk, clinging to the cornice of a skyscraper and a large band of crooks in quest of the precious jewels. 


Eddie Bracken as Ogden Spencer Trulow III
Veronica Lake as Sally Martin
Albert Dekker as Insp Callahan
Frank Fenton as Mr. Phillips
George Zucco as Dr. Paval Storasky
Donald MacBride as Mr. Kratz
Lewis Russell as Henry Carteret
Norma Varden as Mrs. Carteret
Willie Best as Willie
Jack Norton as the drunk

Runtime: 76 Minutes

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