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Holiday 1930 DVD - Ann Harding / Mary Astor


Julia Seton (Mary Astor) comes from a wealthy family in which money and success always come first, a fact she rebels against with an engagement to the self-made playboy Johnny Case (Robert Ames). Johnny is torn between respecting the Seton family's tradition and his own principles. As he's forced to take sides in the family's political battle between Julia's progressive sister, Linda (Ann Harding), and their conservative father, it's unclear where Julia's own priorities lie.


Ann Harding as Linda Seton
Mary Astor as Julia Seton
Edward Everett Horton as Nick Potter
Robert Ames as Johnny Case
Hedda Hopper as Susan Potter
Monroe Owsley as Ned Seton
William Holden as Edward Seton
Elizabeth Forrester as Laura
Mabel Forrest as Mary Jessup
Creighton Hale as Pete Hedges
Hallam Cooley as Seton Cram
Mary Forbes as Pritchard Ames

Runtime: 98 Minutes

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