Hotel Reserve 1944 DVD - James Mason / Lucie Mannheim

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An Austrian medical student living and working in France is hauled in by the police while on holiday in the south of the country. Accused of espionage he is sent back to his hotel to find out who might really be the spy. Not only his freedom but his chance of becoming a French citizen rests on what he can uncover.


James Mason as Peter Vadassy
Lucie Mannheim as Madame Suzanne Koch
Raymond Lovell as Robert Duclos, a hotel guest given to exaggeration
Julien Mitchell as Michel Beghin
Herbert Lom as Andre Roux
Martin Miller as Walter Vogel
Clare Hamilton as Mary Skelton, a hotel guest who is attracted to Peter. A sister of Maureen O'Hara, her real name was Florrie Fitzsimons. This was her only film appearance.
Frederick Valk as Emil Schimler, alias Paul Heimberger
Patricia Medina as Odette Roux
Anthony Shaw as Major Anthony Chandon-Hartley, a guest
Laurence Hanray as Police Commissioner (as Lawrence Hanray)
David Ward as Henri Asticot, a guest
Valentine Dyall as Warren Skelton
Joseph Almas as Albert, the waiter (as Josef Almas)
Patricia Hayes as Woman
Hella Kürty as Hilda Vogel
Ivor Barnard as P. Molon, the pharmacist
Ernst Ulman as Detective in Black Suit

Runtime: 79 Minutes

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