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Hotel Sahara 1951 DVD - Yvonne De Carlo / Peter Ustinov

During World War Two, Emad and Yasmin are the proprietors of a desert hotel caught between the various waring sides.The hotel owners realize that the key to their survival is their constantly shifting allegiance to the political regimes of the various belligerent armies that happen to control the area at any given time.As the fortunes of war dictate, the area is successively controlled by the Italians,the Germans,the British,the French.Yasmin,at Emad's suggestion,even goes the extra mile and charms the Italian,German and British officers, with hilarious consequences.


Yvonne De Carlo as Yasmin Pallas
Peter Ustinov as Emad
David Tomlinson as Captain Puffin Cheyne
Roland Culver as Major Bill Randall
Albert Lieven as Lieutenant Gunther von Heilicke
Bill Owen as Private Binns
Guido Lorraine as Captain Giuseppi
Mireille Perrey as Mme. Pallas
Ferdy Mayne as Yusef
Sydney Tafler as Corporal Pullar
Eugene Deckers as a French Spahi officer
Anton Diffring as a German Soldier
Olga Lowe as Fatima

Runtime: 96 Minutes

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