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Hungry Hill 1947 DVD - Margaret Lockwood / Dennis Price

A feud is waged between two families in Ireland - the Brodricks and the Donovans - over the sinking of a copper mine in Hungry Hill by "Copper John" Brodrick. The feud has repercussions down three generations.

Copper John Brodrick wants to mine copper at Hungry Hill. Of his two sons, Henry is enthusiastic but Greyhound John is reluctant. The mine goes ahead despite opposition of the Donovan family.

Fanny Rose flirts with both John and Henry. The Donovans lead a riot at the mine which results in Henry's death.

John becomes a lawyer and is the heir to the mine, but is reluctant to take over. He resumes his romance with Fanny Rose.


Margaret Lockwood as Fanny Rosa
Dennis Price as Greyhound John Brodrick
Cecil Parker as Copper John Brodrick
Michael Denison as Henry Brodrick
F.J. McCormick as Old Tim
Arthur Sinclair as Morty Donovan
Jean Simmons as Jane Brodrick
Eileen Crowe as Bridget
Eileen Herlie as Katherine
Barbara Waring as Barbara Brodrick
Michael Golden as Sam Donovan
Siobhán McKenna as Kate Donovan
Dan O'Herlihy as Harry Brodrick
Henry Mollison as Dr. Armstrong
Dermot Walsh as Wild Johnnie Brodrick

Runtime: 109 Minutes

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