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If I Were King 1938 DVD - Ronald Colman / Basil Rathbone

In 1463, Paris is besieged by the Duke of Burgundy, arch-rival of the king, who is content to sit tight while the poor starve. But there are traitors in Paris, and King Louis goes undercover to find one, thereby meeting Francois Villon, poet, philosopher and rogue. By chance Villon kills the king's traitor and is ordered to replace Grand Constable of France! But there's a catch.


Ronald Colman as François Villon
Basil Rathbone as King Louis XI
Frances Dee as Katherine DeVaucelles
Ellen Drew as Huguette, Villon's girlfriend
C.V. France as Father Villon
Henry Wilcoxon as Captain of the Watch
Heather Thatcher as the Queen
Stanley Ridges as Rene de Montigny
Bruce Lester as Noel de Jolys
Alma Lloyd as Colette
Walter Kingsford as Tristan l'Hermite
Sidney Toler as Robin Turgis
Colin Tapley as Jehan Le Loup
Ralph Forbes as Oliver le Dain
John Miljan as Grand Constable Thibaut D'Aussigny
William Haade as Guy Tabarie
Adrian Morris as Colin de Cayeulx
Montagu Love as General Dudon
Lester Matthews as General Saliere
William Farnum, as General Barbezier. 
Paul Harvey as Burgundian Herald
Barry Macollum as Storehouse Watchman
May Beatty as Anna
Winter Hall as Major Domo
Francis McDonald as Casin Cholet
Ann Evers as Lady-in-Waiting
Jean Fenwick as Lady-in-Waiting

Runtime: 101 Minutes

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