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I'll Be Your Sweetheart 1945 DVD - Margaret Lockwood / Vic Oliver

In turn-of-the-century London a young music publisher convinces both songwriters and a music hall singer with his new ideas to make business, while fighting both competitors and piracy in a time where author's royalties were still unprotected. A well crafted British musical with plenty of popular songs.


Margaret Lockwood as Edie Story
Vic Oliver as Sam Kahn
Michael Rennie as Bob Fielding
Peter Graves as Jim Knight
Moore Marriott as George Le Brunn
Frederick Burtwell as Pacey
Garry Marsh as Wallace
George Merritt as T.P. O'Connor
Muriel George as Mrs. Le Brunn
Ella Retford as Dresser
Joss Ambler as Dugan
Eliot Makeham as John Friar
Maudie Edwards as Mrs. Jones
Jonathan Field as Kelly
Deryck Guyler as Politician
Gordon McLeod as Prime Minister
Arthur Young as Judge
Dave Crowley as 1st. Henchman
Alf Goddard as 2nd. Henchman
Jack Vyvian as 3rd Henchman

Runtime: 104 Minutes

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