What will my DVD look like ?

Our DVD-R disc's come without a Case or Artwork, but have a printed label and a sleeve for protection as shown in the example below:


What is the Picture Quality Like ?

These titles are not meant to compete with shop bought titles. These films available on this website are for collectors of rare films. The packaging is basic to help keep the prices down, and the quality, while mostly very good to excellent, will not be as good as remastered shop bought DVDs. But for collectors of rare movies, the quality is virtually always satisfying. Please know what you are buying when or before you place an order. All movies come from various sources, film sources, rare TV showings, collectors, etc. But all are currently not available on shop bought DVD at this time. Keep in mind too, that rare movies especially aren't going to look as good on a huge TV screen like shop bought DVDs would, so a 50-inch screen won't be the best viewing method for a lot of titles. 

Do your DVD's have Subtitles ?

Please note None of our Movies have Subtitles.

Why do some films have two names ?

Some films are listed with two titles, for example: Adventure in Manhattan / Manhattan Madness, as these films are known by one name in the USA and another name in the UK, this helps customers find the films when they might know it under one name but not the other.

All of our DVD's are Region Free so will play on the vast majority of DVD players, as well as all Computers, Laptops etc with a DVD drive. 
You MUST have Multi Region DVD Player if you are ordering from the USA or Canada.

We Specialise in Old, Rare and Collectible Public Domain Movies.

We have a large selection from the 1900s to 1960s to suit both Collectors and film Enthusiasts alike.

All of our DVDs are Region Free so will play on the vast majority of DVD players, as well as all Computers, Laptops etc with a DVD drive.

Our DVD-R discs come without a case but have a printed label and a paper sleeve for protection.

Please Note that although we produce our DVDs to the Highest Quality they are made using PUBLIC DOMAIN material, and sadly due to the age of some of these films you may notice some small quality imperfections that you would not see in a modern production, this can include titles which have been transferred from VHS tape and 35mm reels.

When films become in the Public Domain it is because the films copyright registration was not renewed after its initial 28 years of copyright protection. Or, the film was never registered at all. The price you pay covers our time and materials, it is not a payment for the film itself as the film is free in the Public Domain.


The content of our DVDs is underlying material in the 'public domain', and as such is in accordance with the Berne Convention policies regarding such material.

The work has entered 'public domain’ because either the copyright was never applied for or has expired. Anything that is not protected under the copyright law, this includes all works published between 1928 and under certain conditions works published up to 1978 can be re-published.

A work can be anything a book, a play, a piece of music, photographs, movies, instruction manuals, a poster etc.

Re-published and re-packaging 'public domain' information or creative works is not illegal, because the work has fallen into 'public domain' there are no royalties to pay.

Please do not buy from us if you do not understand what Public Domain is as we do not want you to be disappointed.