What will my DVD look like ?

Our DVD-R disc's come without a Case or Artwork, but have a printed label and a sleeve for protection as shown in the example below:

Shipping Costs & Delivery Times

Shipping is £1.99 within the UK (Regardless of the amount of Movie Titles ordered) and from £4.99 per order by Airmail Worldwide (Depending on Quantity Ordered).

Delivery times: Within 7 Days (UK) and 10 - 30 Days (Worldwide).

Why do some films have two names ?

Some films are listed with two titles, for example: Adventure in Manhattan / Manhattan Madness, as these films are known by one name in the USA and another name in the UK, this helps customers find the films when they might know it under one name but not the other.

All of our DVD's are Region Free so will play on the vast majority of DVD players, as well as all Computers, Laptops etc with a DVD drive. 
You MUST have Multi Region DVD Player if you are ordering from the USA or Canada.

Please Note that although we produce our DVD’s to the Highest Quality they are made using Public Domain Material and sadly due to the age of some of these films you may notice some small quality imperfections that you would not see in a modern production, this can include titles which have been transferred from VHS tape and 35mm reels, some titles may include a channel logo. 

Please note our DVD's are NOT "Copies" but produced to order from the best Public Domain material available.

** Please note None of our Movies have Subtitles **

As far as we can establish we believe all the titles listed on this site to be in the Public Domain. 

All orders have a full 30 day guarantee.