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Inferno 1953 DVD - Robert Ryan / Rhonda Fleming

The drama tells the story of spoiled and alcoholic millionaire Carson (Robert Ryan). During a trip to the Mojave Desert Carson breaks his leg after falling off his horse and is abandoned and left to die by Geraldine (Rhonda Fleming), his adulterous femme fatale wife, and his deceitful business partner Joseph Duncan (William Lundigan).

After the accident, Geraldine and Duncan supposedly drive off to seek medical aid for Carson. But, when Carson realizes the truth of his predicament, he vows to live long enough to exact revenge against his wife and partner.


Robert Ryan as Donald Whitley Carson III
Rhonda Fleming as Geraldine Carson
William Lundigan as Joseph Duncan
Larry Keating as Dave Emory
Henry Hull as Sam Elby
Carl Betz as Lt. Mike Platt
Robert Burton as Sheriff
Robert Adler as Ken, Ranch Hand
Harry Carter as Deputy Fred Parks
Everett Glass as Mason, Carson's Butler
Adrienne Marden as Emory's Secretary
Barbara Pepper as Waitress
Charles Tannen as voice of police radio broadcaster
Dan White as Lee, Ranch Hand

Runtime: 83 Minutes

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