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It Happens Every Spring 1949 DVD - Ray Milland / Jean Peters

A college professor is working on a long term experiment when a baseball comes through the window destroying all his glassware. The resultant fluid causes the baseball to be repelled by wood. Suddenly he realizes the possibilities and takes a leave of absence to go to St. Louis to pitch in the big leagues where he becomes a star and propels the team to a World Series appearance.


Ray Milland as Vernon K. Simpson / King Kelly
Jean Peters as Deborah Greenleaf
Paul Douglas as Monk Lanigan
Ed Begley as Edgar Stone
Ted de Corsia as Jimmy Dolan
Ray Collins as Prof. Greenleaf
Jessie Royce Landis as Mrs. Greenleaf
Alan Hale Jr. as Schmidt
Bill Murphy as Tommy Isbell

Runtime: 87 Minutes

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