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Jassy 1947 DVD - Margaret Lockwood

A gypsy girl with the gift of second sight is initially shunned as a witch but uses her talent to raise her social standing by marrying into the aristocracy and inheriting a vast stately home.


Margaret Lockwood as Jassy Woodroofe
Patricia Roc as Dilys Helmar
Dennis Price as Christopher Hatton
Basil Sydney as Nick Helmar
Dermot Walsh as Barney Hatton
Esma Cannon as Lindy Wicks
Cathleen Nesbitt as Elizabeth Twisdale
Linden Travers as Beatrice Helmar
Nora Swinburne as Mrs. Hatton
Ernest Thesiger as Sir Edward Follesmark
Jean Cadell as Meggie
Grace Arnold as Housemaid
John Laurie as Tom Woodroofe
Bryan Coleman as Sedley - the architect
Clive Morton as Sir William Fennell
Torin Thatcher as Bob Wicks
Beatrice Varley as Mrs. Wicks
Eliot Makeham as Moult - the butler
Maurice Denham as Jim Stoner
Alan Wheatley as Sir Edward Walker - Prosecuting Counsel
Hugh Pryse as Sir John Penty - Defending Counsel
Runtime: 100 Minutes
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