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Joe MacBeth 1955 DVD - Paul Douglas / Ruth Roman

Shakespeare (more-or-less) in modern gangster setting. Lily MacBeth pushes her husband Joe to rub out the reigning crime boss and become the new "kingpin" himself. Success is short- lived, however, as he confronts Lennie, a mobster whose father and wife are Joe's murder victims.


Paul Douglas – Joe MacBeth
Ruth Roman – Lily MacBeth
Bonar Colleano – Lennie
Grégoire Aslan – Duca, aka 'The Duke'
Sid James – Banky
Harry Green – Big Dutch
Walter Crisham – Angus
Kay Callard – Ruth
Robert Arden – Ross
George Margo – Second Assassin
Minerva Pious – Rosie
Philip Vickers – Tommy
Mark Baker – Benny
Bill Nagy – Marty
Nicholas Stuart – Duffy
Teresa Thorne – Ruth
Shirley Douglas
Alfred Mulock – First assassin
Louise Grant
Beresford Egan

Runtime: 90 Minutes

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