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Johnny Stool Pigeon 1949 DVD - Howard Duff / Shelley Winters

A narcotics agent convinces a convict he helped send to Alcatraz go undercover with him to help expose a heroin drug smuggling ring. The unlikely pair travels from San Francisco to Vancouver and finally to a dude ranch in Tucson which is run by mob bosses. They end up getting help breaking the case from the gang leader's dingy blonde girlfriend (Winters), who falls for the narcotics agent during the sting.


Howard Duff as George Morton aka Mike Doyle
Shelley Winters as Terry Stewart
Dan Duryea as Johnny Evans
Tony Curtis as Joey Hyatt
John McIntire as Nick Avery
Gar Moore as Sa m Harrison
Leif Erickson as Pringle
Barry Kelley as William McCandles
Hugh Reilly as Charlie
Wally Maher as T.H. Benson

Runtime: 76 Minutes

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