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Jungle Flight 1947 DVD - Robert Lowery / Ann Savage

Kelly Jordan (Robert Lowery) and Andy Melton (Robert Kent) are former AAF fliers operating a cargo service over the South American mountain ranges in order to get enough money to return to Texas and buy a commercial line. Andy is killed when his overloaded plane crashes and explodes. Kelly meets Laurey Roberts (Ann Savage), who gets him to take her to the mining-camp operation as a cook, as she is running away from her ex-husband, Tom Hammond (Douglas Fowley), who has just been released from prison. Hammond catches up with Laurey, but he is killed in a gun fight, and Kelly and Laurie leave looking for a peaceful life in Texas.


Robert Lowery as Kelly Jordan
Ann Savage as Laurey Roberts
Barton MacLane as Case Hagin
Douglas Fowley as Tom Hammond
Robert Kent as Andy Melton
Curt Bois as Pepe
Duncan Renaldo as Police Capt. Costa

Runtime: 67 Minutes

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