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Kate Plus Ten 1938 DVD - Jack Hulbert / Genevieve Tobin

Kate (Genevieve Tobin), the secretary to Lord Flamborough (Francis L. Sullivan), leads a criminal gang, and Mike Pemberton (Jack Hulbert) has to catch her red-handed.


Jack Hulbert as Inspector Mike Pemberton
Genevieve Tobin as Kate Westhanger
Noel Madison as Gregori
Francis L. Sullivan as Lord Flamborough
Arthur Wontner as Colonel Westhanger
Frank Cellier as Sir Ralph Sapson
Peter Haddon as Boltover
Googie Withers as Lady Moya
Edward Lexy as Sergeant
Felix Aylmer as Bishop
Leo Genn as Doctor Gurdon
James Harcourt as Bank Manager
Vincent Holman as Detective
Oliver Johnston as Cunningham
Ronald Adam as Police Chief
Philip Leaver as Mulberry
Arthur Hambling as 3rd Signalman
Bryan Herbert as 2nd Signalman
Leonie Lamartine as Stout Woman
Queenie Leonard
Walter Sondes
Albert Whelan
Arthur Brander
Geoffrey Clark
Paul Sheridan

Runtime: 81 Minutes

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