King of the Roaring 20's / The Big Bankroll 1961 DVD - David Janssen

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Moving from one scam to another Arnold Rothstein quickly becomes rich, and settles into the life of owning big-town gambling joints. Along the way he falls in loves and marries, makes a life-long enemy of a cop on the take, and gradually becomes hardened even to his closest friends. 


David Janssen – Arnold Rothstein
Dianne Foster – Carolyn Green Rothstein
Diana Dors – Madge
Jack Carson – Timothy W. 'Big Tim' O'Brien
Dan O'Herlihy – Detective Phil Butler
Mickey Shaughnessy – Jim Kelly
Keenan Wynn – Tom Fowler
William Demarest – Henry Hecht
Regis Toomey – Bill Baird
Robert Ellenstein – Lenny
Tim Rooney – Johnny Burke as young boy
Joseph Schildkraut – Abraham Rothstein
Mickey Rooney – Johnny Burke

Runtime: 106 Minutes

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