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Last of the Buccaneers 1950 DVD - Paul Henreid / Jack Oakie

Pirate Jean LaFitte declares was on Spain and raids Spanish ships under the Venezuelan flag, but never touches American ships. He fights the Indians and eventually establishes Galveston, on the Gulf of Mexico, where he hoards his loot. When one of LaFitte's pirates, unordered, sinks an American ship, he is hanged. Belle Summers intends to find out whether LaFitte was guilty and while she finds the truth, her servant betrays her, and the American Army moves into Galveston, destroying the pirate's headquarters, LaFitte and Belle escape. 


Paul Henreid - Jean Lafitte
Jack Oakie - Sgt. Dominick
John Dehner - Sgt. Belchue
Karin Booth - Belle Summer
Mary Anderson - Swallow

Runtime: 79 Minutes
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