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Les Miserables 1952 DVD - Michael Rennie / Debra Paget

After stealing a loaf a bread to feed a starving family, Jean Valjean is sentenced to ten years at hard labor as a galley slave. There he is taught to read and write by another prisoner and meets Javert, an obsessive policeman who was himself born to convict parents aboard a prison ship. After his release, Valjean is treated as a pariah but finally finds shelter in the home of a kindly bishop. Valjean repays the clergyman's generosity by stealing his silver plate. He is apprehended by the authorities and returned to the bishop but is amazed when the kindly old priest tells them that the valuable plates were a gift. This becomes a transforming experience for the ex-convict, who establishes himself under an assumed name in a small country village as factory manager and ultimately mayor. Unfortunately the newly-promoted Javert is assigned there as chief inspector. Although he doesn't recognize his old nemesis at first, the two clash over Javert's overzealous prosecution of the letter of ...


Michael Rennie as Jean Valjean
Debra Paget as Cosette
Patsy Weil as Cosette (age 7)
Robert Newton as Javert
Edmund Gwenn as Bishop Myriel
Sylvia Sidney as Fantine
Cameron Mitchell as Marius
Elsa Lanchester as Madame Magloire
June Hillman as Mother Superior
Bobby Hyatt as Gavroche
James Robertson Justice as Robert (Fauchelevent)
Joseph Wiseman as Genflou
Rhys Williams as Brevet
Florence Bates as Madame Bonnet
Merry Anders as Cicely
John Rogers as Bonnet
Charles Keane as Corporal
John Dierkes as Bosun

Runtime: 105 Minutes

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