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Let the People Sing 1942 DVD - Alastair Sim / Fred Emney

The screenplay concerns a small town that bands together to try to save their music hall from closure.


Alastair Sim - Professor Ernst Kronak
Fred Emney - Sir George Denberry-Baxter
Edward Rigby - Timmy Tiverton
Oliver Wakefield - Sir Reginald Foxfield
Patricia Roc - Hope Ollerton
Annie Esmond - Lady Foxfield
Marian Spencer - Lady Shepshod
Olive Sloane - Daisy Barley
Maire O'Neill - Mrs. Mitterley
Gus McNaughton -Ketley
Charles Hawtrey - Young Orton
Peter Gawthorne - Major Shiptonthorpe
Aubrey Mallalieu - Commander Spofforth
G.H. Mulcaster - Inspector
Wally Patch - Sam
Horace Kenney - Walter Shepton
Morris Harvey - Jim Flagg
Ida Barr - Katie
Spencer Trevor - Colonel Hazelhead

Runtime: 105 Minutes

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