Living in a Big Way 1947 DVD - Gene Kelly / Marie McDonald

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Leo Gogarty marries Margaud Morgan after a whirlwind romance just before shipping out to war. When he returns he is surprised to discover not only that his bride is not what she led him to believe, but also that she expects a quick divorce. Both Mr. & Mrs Gogarty must find their place with or without each other in a society still adjusting to peace.


Gene Kelly as Leo Gogarty
Marie McDonald as Margaud Morgan
Charles Winninger as D. Rutherford Morgan
Phyllis Thaxter as Peggy Randall
Spring Byington as Mrs. Minerva Alsop Morgan
Jean Adair as Abigail Morgan
Clint Sundberg as Everett Hanover Smythe
John Warburton as 'Skippy' Stuart Simms
William Phillips as Schultz
Bernadene Hayes as Dolly
John Alexander as Attorney Ambridge
Phyllis Kennedy as Annie Pearl

Runtime: 104 Minutes

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