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Love from a Stranger 1937 DVD - Ann Harding / Basil Rathbone

Carol wins the lottery, but unfortunately her sudden wealth leads to a disagreement with her fiancé Ronald, and the two break up. Carol quickly falls in love with the romantic and mysterious Gerald, and marries him despite the warnings of her friends. It is not long before Carol begins to see that Gerald is disturbed and perhaps even dangerous, and she soon realizes that she is in great peril. 


Ann Harding as Carol Howard
Basil Rathbone as Gerald Lovell
Binnie Hale as Kate Meadows
Bruce Seton as Ronald Bruce
Jean Cadell as Aunt Lou
Bryan Powley as Doctor Gribble
Joan Hickson as Emmy
Donald Calthrop as Hobson
Eugene Leahy as Mr. Tuttle

Runtime: 86 Minutes

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