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Lydia Bailey 1952 DVD - Dale Robertson / Anne Francis

In 1802, lawyer Albion Hamlin travels from Baltimore to Cap François in Haiti. He wants to obtain the signature of Lydia Bailey, whose late father left his large estate to the United States government, who needs the money. Haiti is in turmoil because Napoleon Bonaparte is trying to reclaim control of the island.

Albion heard that Lydia will be with her fiancé, Col. Gabriel D'Autremont. Albion is shocked when his young guide, Nero, is killed by men trying to steal his luggage.

Albion learns that the D'Autremonts are living at their country chateau inland. He is knocked unconscious, and wakes up to find out he was knocked out by King Dick, an educated man who supports Toussaint L'Ouverture.

He reluctantly follows him to the D'Autremonts, and finally meets up with Lydia Bailey. Lydia consents to sign Albion's documents but Napoleons troops arrive and war breaks out. They struggle to get through the jungle back to the American ship in the bay and finally make it to the ship with King Dick's help.


Dale Robertson as Albion Hamlin
Anne Francis as Lydia Bailey
Charles Korvin as Col. Gabriel D'Autremont
William Marshall as King Dick
Luis Van Rooten as General Charles LeClerc
Adeline de Walt Reynolds as Antoinette D'Autremont
Angos Perez as Paul D'Autremont
Bob Evans as Soldier
Gladys Holland as Pauline Bonaparte
Will Wright as Consul
Roy E. Glenn as Mirabeau
Ken Renard as Toussaint L'Ouverture
Juanita Moore as Marie
Carmen de Lavallade as Specialty dancer
Jack Cole as Dancer
Martin Wilkins as Voodoo priest
Albert Morin as Lieutenant
William Washington as Deckhand
Clancy Cooper as Codman
Muriel Bledsoe as Ametiste
Mildred Boyd as Marmeline
Marjorie Elliott as Rosida
Suzette Harbin as Floreal
Roz Hayes as Aspodelle
Dolores Mallory as Claircine
Lena Torrence as Attenaire
Frances Williams as Cloryphene
Ken Terrell as Barbe
Louis Mercier as Millet
William Walker as General La Plume

Runtime 89 Minutes

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