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Madness of the Heart 1949 DVD - Margaret Lockwood / Paul Dupuis

Lydia Garth meets Paul de Vandiere, a French nobleman, but their romance is plagued by Lydia's complaint of recurring spells of blurred vision. Paul leaves for France, promising to return and marry Lydia, but she loses her sight while he is gone. Given no hope of recovery, she enters a convent and quickly finds that she has no vocation for life in a nunnery. She finally marries Paul, but encounters strong opposition from Verite Faimont, a neighbor who is very fond of Paul. The latter constantly plots against Lydia and is successful in temporarily breaking up the marriage, but can a miracle of restored vision be seen?.


Margaret Lockwood as Lydia Garth
Paul Dupuis as Paul de Vandiere
Kathleen Byron as Verite Faimont
Maxwell Reed as Joseph Rondolet
Thora Hird as Rosa
Raymond Lovell as Comte de Vandiere
Maurice Denham as Doctor Simon Blake
David Hutcheson as Max Ffoliott
Cathleen Nesbitt as Mother Superior
Peter Illing as Doctor Matthieu
Jack McNaughton as Attendant
Pamela Stirling as Felicite
Marie Burke as Comtesse de Vandiere
Marie Ault as Nun
Joy Harrington as Sister Agnes

Runtime: 75 Minutes

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