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Manila Calling 1942 DVD - Lloyd Nolan / Carole Landis


During the Japanese invasion of the Philippines, a few Americans and a Filipino guerrilla unit seize a Japanese jungle base and use the radio transmitter to broadcast anti-Japanese propaganda, prompting retaliatory Japanese attacks.


Lloyd Nolan as Lucky Matthews
Carole Landis as Edna Fraser
Cornel Wilde as Jeff Bailey
James Gleason as Tim O'Rourke
Lester Matthews as Wayne Ralston
Louis Jean Heydt as Harold Watson
Ted North as Walter Jamison
Martin Kosleck as Heller
Ralph Byrd as Corbett
Charles Tannen as Fillmore
Elisha Cook Jr. as Gillman
Harold Huber as Santoro
Victor Sen Yung as Armando
Uncredited actors: Rudy Robles as a Moro warrior,
Richard Loo, and Leonard Strong

Runtime: 81 Minutes

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