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Maracaibo 1958 DVD - Cornel Wilde / Jean Wallace

During the 1950s, a Texas oilman is visiting oil rich Venezuela. There he meets some old friends who own several oil derricks. Unfortunately, one of the derricks is on fire and the owners don't have any professional trained in extinguishing oil derrick fires. Despite the oil derrick being located offshore, the blaze could get out of control and cause an explosion which could affect the other 6000 oil derricks in the area. The locals still remember the great fire that engulfed the nearby town during a similar incident back in 1939. Fortunately, the visiting Texas oilman, Vic Scott, is an expert in extinguishing oil derrick fires. During WW2, Vic had been an underwater demolition expert with the U.S. Navy.

He is approached by his Venezuelan oilmen friends, Miguel Orlando and his adopted son Lago Orlando, with a request to help put out the fire at their oil derrick number seven. This dangerous task involves an underwater controlled explosion, using nitro. Vic agrees to help but he meets and falls in love with Laura Kingsley, a pretty New York novelist who is visiting Venezuela to find research material for her new romantic novel. Laura is afraid to lose Vic to an accident, given the dangerous nature of his profession.


Cornel Wilde as Vic Scott
Jean Wallace as Laura Kingsley
Abbe Lane as Elena Holbrook
Francis Lederer as Miguel Orlando
Michael Landon as Lago Orlando
Joe E. Ross as Milt Karger
Jack Kosslyn as Raoul Palma
Lillian Buyeff as Mrs. Felicia Montera
George Ramsey as Mr. Ricardo Montera
Martín Vargas as Flamenco Dancer
Maruja as Cabaret Dancer
Carmen D'Antonio as Cabaret Dancer

Runtime: 88 Minutes

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