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Margin for Error 1943 DVD - Joan Bennett / Milton Berle

It is a toss-up as to who is most displeased when Patrolman Moe Finkelstein is given the duty of guarding the German consulate run by Karl Baumer; neither Moe nor Baumer is too happy with this turn of events. Moe, however, quickly becomes friends with the other residents of the consulate: Sophie Baumer, the consul's wife; the secretary, Baron Max Von Alvenstor; and a pretty maid named Frieda. Moe senses an underlying tension that is not entirely accounted for by the gathering clouds of war. The gambling-loving Baumer has lost a large sum of money belonging to the German government, Sophie has learned to hate her husband and what he stands for, and Baron Max has fallen in love with her. Max confronts Baumer with the discrepancy in the consulate's funds, and Baumer threatens to inform Berlin that one of Max's grandparents was not "Aryan." The arrival of a group of Nazi saboteurs and the insistence they be given the funds to finance their project stirs consulate affairs even further.


Edward McNamara ... Police Capt. Mulrooney (uncredited)
Milton Berle ... Officer Moe Finkelstein
Joe Kirk ... Officer Solomon
Joan Bennett ... Sophia Baumer (Wife of General Consul of Germany)
Otto Preminger ... Karl Baumer (General Consul of Germany)
Carl Esmond ... Baron Max von Alvenstor (Secretary to the Consull)
Howard Freeman ... Otto Horst (the american Führer)
Clyde Fillmore ... Dr. Jennings
Poldi Dur ... Frieda (as Poldy Dur) personal maid
Hans Heinrich von Twardowski ... Fritz, Butler (uncredited)
Ludwig Donath ... Hitler's Voice (as Louis Donath)
Ferike Boros ... Mrs. Finkelstein (uncredited)
Gary Breckner ... American Announcer (uncredited)
Ralph Byrd ... Pete, the Dice-Playing Soldier (uncredited)
Ruth Cherrington ... Dowager (uncredited)
Don Dillaway ... Reporter (uncredited)
Eddie Dunn ... Desk Sergeant (uncredited)
J. Norton Dunn ... Saboteur (uncredited)
Byron Foulger ... Drug Store Clerk (uncredited)
Constant Franke ... Gambler (uncredited)
Dick French ... Photographer (uncredited)
Jack Gordon alias Irving Cohen ... Private (uncredited)
David S. Horsley ... Jacoby (uncredited)
Selmer Jackson ... Coroner (uncredited)
Perc Launders ... Drugstore Soda Jerk (uncredited)
Carl M. Leviness ... Dowager's Escort (uncredited)
Malcolm 'Bud' McTaggart ... Soldier (uncredited)
Bert Moorhouse ... Roulette Croupier (uncredited)
Allan Nixon ... Soldier (uncredited)
Ted North ... Saboteur (uncredited)
William H. O'Brien ... Waiter (uncredited)
Cyril Ring ... Drugstore Clerk (uncredited)
Barney Ruditsky ... Policeman (uncredited)
Hans Schumm ... Karl Müller (uncredited)
Tom Seidel ... Soldier (uncredited)
Jack Semple ... Saboteur (uncredited)
Emmett Vogan ... Fingerprint Expert (uncredited)
John Wald ... American Announcer (uncredited)
Wolfgang Zilzer ... Bit Part (uncredited

Runtime: 74 Minutes

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