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Massacre Canyon 1954 DVD - Philip Carey / Audrey Totter

Lt. Faraday has two wagons full of guns that he and his men must deliver. He also must escort two young ladies through hostile Indian Country. It is up to Running Horse to sabotage the wagons so that they will end up at Massacre Canyon where they will meet their fate.


Lt. Richard Faraday    Phil Carey
Flaxy    Audrey Totter
Sergeant James Marlowe    Douglas Kennedy
Cora    Jeff Donnell
Peaceful    Guinn Williams
Gita    Charlita
George Davis    Ross Elliott
"Parson" Canfield    Ralph Dumke
Gonzales    Mel Welles
Running Horse    Chris Alcaide
Black Eagle    Steven Ritch
Lt. Ridgeworth    John Pickard
Colonel Joseph Tarant    James Flavin
Lt. Farnum    Bill Hale

Runtime: 66 Minutes

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