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Meet Sexton Blake 1945 DVD - David Farrar / Manning Whiley

Famous detective and his trusty side-kick Tinker are called in by the War Office to find some important papers that were stolen from a man killed during an air raid.


David Farrar - Sexton Blake
Manning Whiley - Raoul Sudd
Dennis Arundell - Johann Sudd
John Varley - Tinker
Betty Huntley-Wright - Nobby
Gordon McLeod - Inspector Venner
Kathleen Harrison - Mrs Bardell
Cyril Smith - Belford
Magda Kun - Yvonne
Ferdy Mayne - Slant-Eyes
Charles Farrell - Skipper
Roddy Hughes - Ferraby
Philip Godfrey - James Baird
Tony Arpino - Torch
Charles Rolfe - Mario Carloni
Elsie Wagstaff - Mrs Baird

Runtime: 80 Minutes

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