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Miami Exposé 1956 DVD - Lee J. Cobb / Patricia Medina

Miami police lieutenant Bart Scott (Lee J. Cobb)follows sultry Lila Hedges (Patricia Medina) to Havana, Cuba to obtain information about a double murder in Miami, learns that vice-operator Raymond Sheridan (Alan Napier)and lobbyist Oliver Tubbs (Edward Arnold) are scheming to introduce legalized gambling to Florida. In Miami again, Scott thwarts the efforts of Sheridan's hired killers to silence Lila.


Lee J. Cobb - Bart Scott
Patricia Medina - Lila Hodges
Edward Arnold - Oliver Tubbs
Michael Granger - Louis Ascot
Eleanore Tanin - Anne Easton
Alan Napier - Raymond Sheridan
Harry Lauter - Tim Grogan
Chris Alcaide - Morrie Pell
Hugh Sanders - Chief Charlie Landon

Runtime: 73 Minutes

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