Million Dollar Mermaid 1952 DVD - Esther Williams / Victor Mature

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Million Dollar Mermaid tells the story of Australian swimming sensation Annette Kellerman, who overcame childhood polio to go on and achieve fame as a professional swimmer and film star in the early decades of the 20th century. At the same time, she scandalized the world by wearing a one-piece bathing suit on public beaches long before the style was accepted in polite company, and made waves in other ways as well. The story was a perfect vehicle decades later to showcase the star quality of Esther Williams in the 1950s, and Kellerman's moniker was picked up by Life Magazine when it named Ms. Williams the "Million Dollar Mermaid" herself. 


Esther Williams as Annette Kellerman
Victor Mature as James Sullivan
Walter Pidgeon as Frederick Kellerman
David Brian as Alfred Harper
Donna Corcoran as Annette Kellerman at age 10
Jesse White as Doc Cronnol
Maria Tallchief as Pavlova
Howard Freeman as Aldrich, Lecture Bureau
Charles Watts as Policeman on Revere Beach
Wilton Graff as Garvey the Producer
Frank Ferguson as Boston Prosecutor
James Bell as Boston Judge
James Flavin as Train conductor
Willis Bouchey as Movie director

Runtime: 115 Minutes

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