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Mystery of Marie Roget 1942 DVD - Patric Knowles / Maria Montez

In 1889 Paris, musical comedy star Marie Roget has been missing for ten days. Police inspector Gobelin is investigating. The French Minister for Naval Affairs, Henri Beauvais, is a friend of Marie's grandmother, Madame Cecile Roget, and younger sister Camille. He threatens to take Goblin off the case so he brings in medical officer Dr. Paul Dupin.

The body of a dead woman is found in the river. Although the face is mutilated, Beauvais believes it is Marie. Then Marie returns but refuses to say where she has been. Camille becomes engaged to Marcel Vigneauz. Marcel and Marie are lovers and planning to murder Camille, who is set to inherit a fortune. Cecile Roget asks Dipin to escort Camille to a party as she fears her granddaughter will be murdered there. At the party, Beauvais propositions Marie, telling her that he knows of her affair with Marcel. Marcel hesitates to kill Camille, causing an argument between him and Marie.

Marie disappears. The body of another faceless woman is found. Dupin sneaks into the morgue to remove the brain from the second woman's body, and identifies it as Marie. Cecile tells Camille about Marie's plan to kill her. Marcel confesses to killing Marie, but says he did so to save Camille. Beauvais demands the charges against Marcel be dropped and Dupin agrees. Marcel challenges Dupin to a duel. Gobelin learns from Scotland Yard that the first dead body was that of Marcel's English wife, who had recently come to Paris to find her husband.

Dupin and Gobelin discover Beauvais and Marcel have gone missing. Dupin reveals he accused Camille of having Marie's diary, even though he knew the diary didn't exist, so the murdered would retrieve it. They arrive at the Roget home just as Marcel was going to kill Camille. Gobeblin shoots Marcel dead. Gobelin discovers that Beauvais has been secretly helping Dupin.


Maria Montez
Patric Knowles
Maria Ouspenskaya

Runtime: 60 Minutes

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